Comic Book Analyses of TBI and Developmental Delays!

3 Feb

Check out this recent publication by Kamp et al. (2011), that retrospectively analyses traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in the Asterix comic books!

This paper presents some interesting findings regarding the epidemiology and specific risk factors of TBI in the 34 volumes of Asterix – it turns out that it’s better to be a Gaul than a Roman! Also, findings show that it’s better to suffer TBI in the ancient world than the modern day, as no TBI resulted in severe neurological damage or death!

Not a fan of Asterix?

In this paper, Cyr et al. (2004) investigate the possible neurological basis of the unique growth and pubertal development delays of the much loved Tintin. Across his 46 years of adventures, Tintin does not appear to age beyond 14/15 years – evidencing no statural or pubertal growth, and no libido development. The authors believe that multiple neurotraumas (50 losses of consciousness identified in 16 of the 23 Tintin books) sustained by Tintin may provide evidence for the first case of traumatic pituitary injury. However, the authors state that their research is limited by a lack of paraclinical confirmation for their diagnosis of Tintin.


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