Neuroscience Ireland 2011 at NUI Maynooth

3 Feb

The 6th annual meeting of Neuroscience Ireland was hosted by NUI Maynooth in September, 2011. This meeting saw neuroscientists from academic, clinical and industrial areas come together to discuss their research. Invited speakers from research labs across the globe as well as early-stage researchers presented their work at this conference. The topics addressed included Schizophrenia, Stroke, Cognition, Synaptic Plasticity and Learning, Circadian Rhythms and Sleep, Neuroinflammation and Neurodegeneration, along with other areas of neuroscience.

The first Neuroscience Ireland Inaugural Distinguished Investigator Award was presented to Prof. Brian Leonard, following his lecture on “Stress, the immune system and depression: the link to dementia?”

Prof. Brian Leonard receiving his award from Prof. Thomas Connor, president of Neuroscience Ireland

NUIM host organisers Drs Andrew Coogan, Richard Roche and Sean Commins helped to ensure the great success of this two-day event. Well done to those from the NUIM Neuro Lab who presented their work; Mairead Diviney, Jennifer Murphy, Sean Anderson, Daniel Barry, Caroline Rawdon and Emma O’Callaghan. Abstracts were published in the Irish Journal of Medical Science.


Pictured (left to right): Dr Andrew Coogan (NUIM), Ms Mairead  Diviney (NUIM), Prof. Philip Nolan (NUIM President)


Pictured (left to right): Prof. Nick Rawlins (University of Oxford), Prof. Gereon Fink (University of Cologne)


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