Current Lab Research Papers

6 Mar

A number of new papers are in the works here at the Neuro Lab. Below, we have the details of 3 new papers in press, and published this year by some of the lab’s current students, lecturers, and alumni.

A new paper by Dr Richard Roche and Dr Jennifer Moore has just been published in the journal of Experimental Brain Research. Below is the full citation, complete with page numbers:

Hogan, MJ, Kenney, JPM, Keane, MA, Roche, RAP, Moore, JL, Kaiser, J, Lai, R & Upton, N. (2012). Behavioural and electrophysiological effects of visual paired associate context manipulations during encoding and recognition in younger adults, older adults and older cognitively declined adults. Experimental Brain Research, 216(4), 621-633.

You can view this article in PDF format here.

Also, a paper with Dr Jennifer Murphy, Caroline Rawdon and Dr Richard Roche has been accepted into Schizophrenia Research; here’s the citation:

Murphy, J, Blanchard, MM, Rawdon, C, Kavanagh, F, Kelleher, I, Harley, M, Clarke MC, Roche, RAP & Cannon, M. (in press). Event Related Potentials Reveal Language Processing Abnormalities and Reduced Lateralisation of Language in Adolescents with Psychotic-Like Experiences. Schizophrenia Research.

You can view the article abstract here.

Finally, Dr Jennifer Murphy, Caroline Rawdon and Dr Richard Roche are authors of another paper which has just been accepted to Psychological Medicine – see the citation below:

Roddy, S., Tiedt, L., Kelleher, I., Clarke, M.C., Calkins,M., Kohler, C., Richard, J., Murphy, J., Rawdon, C., Roche, R.A.P. & Cannon, M. (in press). Facial emotion recognition in adolescents with psychotic-like experiences: a school-based sample from the general population. Psychological Medicine.

You can view the full journal article here


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