Neuro Lab Researchers Contribute to Recently Publicised RCSI Research Findings

19 Apr

Last week, RTE News reported recent findings from research at the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland (RCSI), investigating psychotic symptoms and risk of mental health problems in young children and adolescents. Two NUIM Neuro Lab researchers, Caroline Rawdon, and recent alumnus Dr Jennifer Murphy, were involved with this research which assessed almost 2,5000 children aged 11-16 years in Dublin.

The study found that over a fifth (21-23%) of 11-13 year old children experience auditory hallucinations, and that half of this group were found to have a non-psychotic psychiatric disorder (such as depression). Seven percent of 13-16 year old children were also found to report auditory hallucinations, with a higher number of these (80%) found to have a diagnosable psychological disorder.

You can read more about these findings in the RTE News web article here.

This research was lead by Ian Kelleher and co-authored by Prof. Mary Cannon (both RCSI), and was published in the British Journal of Psychiatry (see below).

Clinicopathological significance of psychotic experiences in non-psychotic young people: evidence from four population-based studies.

 (Full article PDF)


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