2nd Neuro Lab Meeting 2012

2 May

Our second official Neuro Lab meeting of the year is happening this Thursday 3rd of May!

The meeting will feature talks by current Neuro Lab students Noeleen Brady & Sean Anderson. A brief synopsis of each of these talks is included below:

Electrophysiological and and behavioural markers of source memory decline associated with normal ageingby Noeleen Brady

This presentation will cover a range of experiments which have been carried out, and are currently in progress, to determine the amount of impairment which can be seen in Source Memory associated with normal ageing.  The first two experiments examine the behavioural and electrophysiological changes seen in general memory performance due to normal ageing.

The third and fourth experiments (currently in progress)  further investigate the effects of normal ageing on source memory.  Future research will give some suggestions for strategies to decrease the decline seen in source memory due to normal ageing.

The effects of neuroinflammation on spontaneous and learned behaviour, by Sean Anderson

The results of work investigating the long-lasting effects of lipopolysaccharide-induced sepsis on spontaneous and learned behaviours will be described in this presentation. This will include behavioural tasks targeting memory and learning, anxiety-like and depressive-like behaviours, as well as immunohistochemical analysis of relevant areas of the brain.

Be sure to check back here soon for  a full update on what happens at the meeting!


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