Neuromarketing – A Whole New Level of Brainwashing!

25 May

There’s a new breed of brain-washing Mad Men, or advertising consultants, who are using neuroscience to influence consumers. 

A new start-up business focusing on video click rates (on websites such as YouTube or Vimeo) has arisen from a funding grant of  $50,000 from the National Science Foundation’s Innovation Corps, USA.

This business, named NeonLabs, is conceptually based on the emotional valence we generate for products, or everyday objects, based purely on our visual perception – our instantaneous positive or negative feeling about an object, based solely on its appearance.

 NeonLabs developed an algorithm based on functional brain imaging and assessments of how visual function informs consumer decision-making, that selects the most appealing image, or image most likely to elicit a click from all possible screen-shots, to encourage consumers to stay on the websites for longer.

“Talking with companies such as YouTube and Hulu, we realized that they are looking for ways to keep users on their sites longer by clicking to watch more videos. Thumbnails are a huge problem for any online video publisher, and our research fits perfectly with this problem. Our approach streamlines the process and chooses the screenshot that is the most visually appealing based on science, which will in the end result in more user clicks.” – NeonLab team member Sophie Lebrecht.

However, NeonLabs are not the first company to tap into NeuromarketingNeuroFocus is a neuroscience based marketing company which developed the Mynd – a portable, wireless electroencephalogram (EEG) scanner – to stream brain activity while consumers watch commercials and view ads, products and brands. Neurofocus then use this information to determine what is most appealing and engaging for consumers.

This scientifically enhanced form of marketing, considered to be superior to traditional market research (focus groups and surveys), is the reason Neurofocus‘ client list from the past 6 years ranges from companies such as Citi, Google, HP, and Microsoft, to soda companies, brewers, retailers, manufacturers, and media companies.


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