The Need for Neuroscience Advocacy in Ireland

15 Aug

Do you worry about where your next grant is coming from?

 How many of your work conversations revolve around funding?

Over the past 2 years, the research budget of science funders within Ireland has been reduced by over 30%. Moreover, the proportion of this funding which is allocated to the neurosciences is disproportionately low compared to cancer and cardiovascular disease research.

At present, no formal neuroscience advocacy policy exists for Irish neuroscience. Even more worrying still is the fact that public awareness of the importance and need for neuroscience advocacy is low, and appears close to the bottom of members’ priority lists.

In order to address this problem, a FREE Advocacy Workshop for the Neuroscience in Ireland is being held on Tuesday September 4th 2012 at the Convention Centre Dublin.

The workshop will include presentations by advocacy officers from two international neuroscience societies (Brain Canada and the British Neuroscience Association) and interactive brainstorming sessions which will address the key goals for neuroscience advocacy: Public Outreach; Strategic Partnership; Legislators and Policy Makers; and Individual Member Engagement.

This workshop will also feature a FREE session for postgraduate and postdoctoral students on Careers in Advocacy.

You can find lots of additional information about the Advocacy Workshop here, including a detailed schedule for the day, more reasons why we need to increase advocacy for the neurosciences, what advocacy looks like in other countries, useful links, and much more.

Anyone and everyone who has an interest or a role in neuroscience research in Ireland is encouraged to attend this important event.

Register your attendance for this event NOW by emailing

It’s time for everyone involved in neuroscience in Ireland say to the public, to legislators and to business leaders;

“Our work is vital. Our work affects everyone. Our work needs – and deserves – more investment, not less.“

Tuesday September 4th 2012, The Convention Centre Dublin.


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