Have you signed the petition yet?

16 Nov

While the theme of this year’s Science Week 2012 is everyday experimenting, demonstrating that each of us carries out experiments in our ordinary daily lives, Irish and European researchers are similarly carrying out experiments leading to advancements in science, technology and medicine (to name a few). Ireland and Europe is full of innovators and creative problem-solvers contributing to the world-stage of science.

So what would happen if the European research budget was drastically cut?

Most of us will have received an email recently from Neuroscience Ireland entitled “Petition to protect EU science budget”. But I wonder how many of us actually read it…

The email tells us that on the 22nd and 23rd of November, the EU heads of state will meet to discuss the EU research budget for the next SEVEN YEARS.  Many of the Member States are demanding severe cuts to the total EU budget. RESEARCH will have to compete with other policy priorities.

While we have already taken the first steps to creating awareness for neuroscience research within Ireland, it’s time for US, the scientific community, to act together to protect EU research funding from cuts.

 Recently, an open letter signed by European Nobel laureates was published in top European newspapers. And to keep the momentum going, an online petition has been launched:


This petition states that we, the researchers in Europe, believe that:

  • Europe’s future depends on making optimal use of its scientific talent for the benefit of science and society;
  • creative environments and research infrastructures are needed in which talent can flourish and innovations emerge;
  • reliable financial support must be provided for long-term, often risky, fundamental research. Only then will the grand challenges be addressed in a sustainable way.

 If you agree with the above, go online and sign the petition NOW to protect vital EU research funding from cuts.


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