On the second day of Christmas…

10 Dec


On the second day of Christmas Neuro-Santa gave to me…

Neuro-Santa and his research assistant elves are hard at work making lab equipment, data processing software and tools to make the wishes of so many neuroscientists and researchers finally come true!

NUIM Neuro Lab as special lines of communication open with the Neuro North Pole, so we have asked all the lab members to make up their lists to be forwarded on in time for Christmas. Of course everyone has been on their best behaviour this month so far, as no one wants to be on the “Bad Scientist” list…

We will have some of the lab member’s wishes featured here on the blog and the best Neuro Christmas request will win that lucky lab member a special NUIM Neuro Lab prize at the end of the month!

Today’s letter to Neuro-Santa comes from new Neuro Lab member Kate Forte:

“I’ve been really good this year, no fires, I promise! You can check. I would like an automatic perfect patient dispenser. Alternatively, a raygun that would make all the patients that fit my criteria want to do my experiments!!!”

– Kate Forte, PhD Neuro Lab student. 




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