On the eighth day of Christmas…

19 Dec


On the eighth day of Christmas Neuro-Santa gave to me…

Less than one week to go ‘til Christmas! So to keep you in the festive mood, we’ll be counting down the last five days of our 12 Days of Christmas countdown all this week.

Today’s wish for Neuro-Santa comes from Francesca Farina, who’s only looking for one thing this holiday season…

“Neuro-Santa, I need your help! Remember ‘Good Idea, Bad Idea’ from the Animaniacs? (if not, see the video below). Well, like in the show, I would love to have a narrator who could always tell me in advance whether my research ideas/plans were going to work out or not. This would be the ultimate time saver. Thanks in advance!”

– Francesca Farina, Neuro lab PhD student and co-blog administrator.

Classic Good Idea Bad Idea

Research Student Good Idea Bad Idea


Want to be in with a chance of winning our amazing prize? Send in your wishlist entries to Neuro-Santa now! 

To read more about our 12 Days of Christmas countdown, and to see Christmas wishes from other Neuro Lab members, click here.

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