Overly Honest Methods

10 Jan

Science never lies…

Or does it??

I’m sure we can all remember the first time we realised scientific methods are not as black and white, or irrefutable as we once naïvely thought (as undergrads). Often our research is limited by time, money, resources, the knowledge of our predecessors and peers, and, lets be honest, the amount of sleep or caffeine we have.

Well we found some people who decided to tell the truth!

Check out this collection of “Overly Honest Methods” tweets entitled “This is what happens when scientists get honest”.


Anything on your chest you want to come forward with?

Just leave your confessions in the comments below on this post and we will add our voices to this truth revolution in the twittersphere (@maynoothneuro for you fellow tweeters!).

The world needs to know!


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