Why We <3 Science

14 Feb


We’re in love.

And since it is Valentine’s Day, we’ve decided to tell everyone that we, the NUIM Neuro blog, are madly in love…………… with SCIENCE.

To show you why, we’ve rounded up some of the best reasons for loving science from the twitter-based competition for science lovers this Valentines Day. We hope you enjoy!

We love Science, because Science…

…Gives us fluorescent squid membranes in the Bay of Toyoma

(courtesy of Molecular Biology ‏@molecular)


…Lets us explore Mars when we’re bored: http://planetfour.org/

(Courtesy of Adam Hilton ‏@ajhilton7)

…Tells us it’s not our fault we like food that’s bad for us: http://bit.ly/ihiVYz

(Courtesy of Kate Julien ‏@katejulien)

 …Because, as Carl Sagan said, “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

(Courtesy of @AtomiumCulture)

…The lemon battery is my reason to#lovescience, #chemistry, #physicsand #biology all rolled into one simple experiment 🙂

(Courtesy of @WaltonMagazine)


If you love Science too, tell us why! Or tweet about it. Remember to include #lovescience in your tweet for your chance to win a trip to Brussels to present your ideas on the future of science funding with European policy-makers. See here for more details. 



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