The Kealy Kounter!

8 Mar


This is the official unveiling of

“The Kealy Kounter”


The Kealy Kounter is a counter logging the number of times current members of the Neuro Lab spot lab alumnus John Kealy on campus!

Following a brief conversation among lab postgraduate students on the corridor last week (and seeing Mr Kealy himself walk by outside) we realised that we very regularly see John roaming the grounds of the NUIM campus.

It’s a bird!… It’s a plane!


It’s John Kealy going about his business on campus! 

Where is he going? What is he doing??

Nobody knows, but if there’s one thing that you can rely on, it’s that we here at the NUIM Neuro Lab will be there to observe!

The counter will be ticking away on the blog main page along the right side-bar.

So next time you spot John walking through NUIM – let us know and we will watch the counter roll!

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One Response to “The Kealy Kounter!”


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    […] talk on the wonders of the brain and studying it by our own Dr. John Kealy (bonus points on the Kealy-Kounter for spotting him during EMOB), along with other brain related fun activities and […]

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