Wireless Brain Computer Interface

21 Mar

Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs) might seem like the stuff of science fiction, but with ever-improving technology and methods they are fast becoming a reality. BCIs have been used to control robot limbs in patients who have had amputations, allowing the patients to move and manipulate them using thought. However, these all rely on wires, connections between the implanted electrodes and the computer processor which are an infection risk and let’s face it – a bit of a hazard since they’re wired directly into a person’s brain, so you definitely don’t want the cat pulling on them!

But, this could all be about to change thanks to recent research from Brown University. Researchers created a small sensor that can be fully implanted and is capable of turning the brain’s electrical activity into digital signals which can then be amplified and read by a computer via a wireless receiver. As you can see from the picture the device is quite small and compact.


As of yet, researchers have only used the technology in animals but they were able to record real time data via a wireless broadband connection, something nearly all of us have in our own homes, for a period of 1 year with little degradation of signal from a distance of three feet. They believe it will be of use in expanding knowledge on muscle control and movement-related brain circuits as well as eventually being suitable for human implantation and the wireless control of sophisticated robotic prosthetics.

Read the full article here.


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