Mind Magic

18 Apr

Maynooth NeuroLab took a day trip to the Science Gallery on Tuesday to see the great researcher and illusionist Richard Wiseman give a lecture on “Mind Magic” – and what a fantastic lecture it was! Here’s a snap of Prof. Wiseman in action:


Since we enjoyed the talk so much, we’ve decided to bring some mind trickery to anyone who missed it. So start scrolling, try to figure out our brainteasers and try not to get fooled by any of our illusions…

The Wisdom of Morpheus

The wisdom of Morpheus

The Illusion Dance

Spot the Leopard


Do you see faces?? 


And finally, a classic riddle… tell us if you figure this one out!

“He who makes me sells me, he who buys me does not use me, and he who does use me isn’t aware of it. What am I?”

All of these illusions and riddles are courtesy of Richard Wiseman at his blog: http://richardwiseman.wordpress.com/ (where you can also find loads more brilliant brain teasers).

PS. Don’t feel bad, it’s not just humans whose brains play tricks on them…


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