Welcome to European Month of the Brain!

2 May

Welcome to May!

Summer is finally here, along with European Month of the Brain (double-yay for neuro-enthusiasts).


This month, as Ireland hosts the 2013 Presidency of the EU, we’re very excited to take part in the European Month of the Brain (EMOB).

May 2013, European Month of the Brain will be an event- and activity- packed month to raise public awareness of brain research, encourage policy-makers to invest more in research and define integrated healthcare strategies in a coordinated national effort.

Understanding the human brain and its diseases is one of the greatest scientific and philosophical challenges. During the last decades, brain research has made great progress on all fronts but much more is still to be discovered.

Advances in neuroscience are crucial to keep our ageing societies and our economy healthy. Brain-related disorders will affect at least one in every three of us during our life and treating these disorders costs already now some 800 billion Euro in Europe every year.

Deciphering how our brain works is good for our health, our society and our industrial competitiveness.

See what’s going on across the country this month here

In association with Neuroscience Ireland, the Neuro Lab here at NUIM is carrying out some school outreach initiatives by returning to our own schools (they grow so fast… sniff) to talk about the brain with Transition Year students.

Check out Neuroscience Ireland’s calender of organised events here

Furthermore, on May 30th, we’ll be hosting a public event at NUIM for all members of the public (the big ones and little ones too). This will feature a public talk on the wonders of the brain and studying it by our own Dr. John Kealy (bonus points on the Kealy-Kounter for spotting him during EMOB), along with other brain related fun activities and goodies!


So put on your thinking caps, get involved and come along to the NUIM campus on Thursday 30th May.


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