Dr. Brainley’s Christmas Greeting

20 Dec

On this final day of work in the NUIM Psychology Department we thought it appropriate to introduce our new moderators and ring in the Christmas with a message from the recently graduated Dr. Brainley.


Firstly, I want to extend heartfelt thanks and congratulations to Francesca Farina and Liz Walshe for their trojan work in moderating this blog up to this point; they provided us with interesting research, spread the news about lab publications, ran competitions and delivered it all with a healthy dose of humour! I thoroughly enjoyed working with them (especially coffee breaks).

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the new moderators; Kate Forte and Micheal Cleary-Gaffney who are nervously awaiting to see how they blogosphere will respond to the changes. I will have them adequately trained soon.

There has been a lot of Christmas goings-on in the lab this year; tinsel, fairy lights and Christmas jumpers abound. I wish to thank Dr. Yvonne Barnes-Holmes, our new Head of Department for helping to organise an excellent Christmas party and everyone who contributed to the vast table of food (which we are still working through). The week has not been without mystery however; we left the office for a coffee break to find that the Christmas tree was gone! We were about to don the detective cap and scarf when we noticed it was shuffling it’s way (still fully decorated) down the corridor above! Poltergeist? Arborial sentience? No. It was borrowed for a Christmas party and dutifully returned several hours later. Strange but true.

2013-12-19 13.28.39In closing, I hope all of you have a wonderful time this Christmas, full of fun, family, friends and food. Personally, I will be keeping watch over the lab over the holiday period, chatting with Santa and trying to keep the young one out of the Christmas tree! Merry Christmas to one and all.

2013-12-19 13.31.402013-12-20 12.51.52


One Response to “Dr. Brainley’s Christmas Greeting”

  1. Luis December 23, 2013 at 2:52 pm #

    I, for one, welcome our new blog overlords 🙂

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