Happy New Year

7 Jan

2013 was a jam-packed year here in the Maynooth NeuroLab. We got involved in the European Month of the Brain in May; giving presentations in secondary school educating teenagers about the brain and holding an evening of public talks in NUI Maynooth which was very well attended. Members of the NeuroLab attended various conferences (CNS, Neuroscience Ireland) to present posters and give data blitzes of their research and we have had several publications by lab members; Micah Amd (JEAB), and Caroline Rawdon (BMC Psychiatry). Liz Walshe, Francesca Farina, Daniel Barry and Kate Forte attended a 2 day workshop on neuroimaging techniques and analysis of imaging data in Bangor University in Wales run by the NeuroSKILL project. Francesca Farina was also presented with the Whittaker Award; an award given for excellence in presentation by the NUIM Biology Society.

2013 saw a big shift in the lab membership; with the arrival of two new members and a large number of thesis submissions and vivas. Michael Cleary-Gaffney (my blog admin compatriot) and Jacinta Finn started their Masters programmes orking with Andrew Coogan. Caroline Rawdon and Emma O’Callahan passed their viva’s with flying colours and Noleen Brady and Daniel Barry have submitted and are awaiting viva dates (very proud indeed).

2013 was a busy year and 2014 is full of prospects; conferences, vivas, collaborative projects. We’ll be keeping the blogosphere updated with the goings-on of the Maynooth NeuroLab reporting on achievements and bringing you the usual interesting research and strange facts.

Happy New Year!


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