FENS Forum 2014

24 Jul

The 9th meeting of the FENS Forum was help in July of this year in Milan, Italy and saw three of our lab members (Dr. Richard Roche, Francesca Farina and Kate Forte) in attendance. The conference played host to over 6,000 delegates from all across the world and consisted of 5 days of intensive sessions, workshops and lectures on numerous aspects of neuroscience, mainly in the animal and molecular spheres. Topics included sleep, addiction, attention, Alzheimer’s disease and many others besides, giving the conference a wide scope of subject material designed to facilitate the majority to at least some degree.
2014-07-05 18.33.08
The Plenary lectures were very interesting with talks from Ray Dolan on reward and value and Yang Dan on the neuromodulation of brain states as well as many others. Other events and lectures included the Neuroscience of taste and a ‘Big Questions in Neuroscience’ session which explored and discussed important issues and questions related to Neuroscience as a whole, practically, theoretically and conceptually. FENS 2014 also played host to the first ‘International Synapse Championship’ which was as delightfully nerdy as it sounds and basically involved quick fire naming of all proteins involved in the synapse or synaptic transmission. I was in way over my head and didn’t understand any of the in-jokes but it was good fun and really laid back which was a nice change from the typical conference formality.
2014-07-06 19.18.52
Francesca presented her poster entitled ‘Training Dependent Changes in Spatial Memory Retention Correlate With a Region Shift in Immediate Early Gene Expression’ and Kate, her poster entitled ‘An Evaluation of the Efficacy of Visual and Auditory Interventions on Pseudoneglect’. Both were very well received, particularly Francesca’s which garnered lots of attention from other delegates and kept her talking well past her designated hour. Dr. Roche also presented a poster in the neuroscience advocacy section of the conference which remained on display throughout.

Overall the conference was good, well organised and interesting, albeit a little lacking in human related research and symposia. The city of Milan is also a wonderful place with many attractions and museums to visit when not doing science which we made excellent use of. Congratulations to all the lab members who presented their work and performed well.

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