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Acquisition of spatial relations between the distal cues and the platform’s location occurs during locomotion in the Morris Watermaze

23 Jan

[Conference poster by Deirdre Harvey and Sean Commins.]


IL-10 but not LPS produces increased motor activity and abnormal exploratory patterns while impairing spatial learning

23 Jan

[Conference poster by Deirdre Harvey, Roisin Smith, Karen English, Bernard Mahon and Sean Commins.]


High-density ERPs and source coherence reveal connectivity changes during cross-modal learning

21 Jan

[Conference poster by Joe T. Duffin, Richard A. P. Roche, and Sean Commins.]

Distal visual cues predict the direction, but not the accurate location, of search for a hidden platform in the water maze

21 Jan

[Conference poster by Anne-Marie McGauran, Alan Rogers and Sean Commins.]


Mapping Brain Immediate Early Gene Expression during Performance and Spatial Learning in the Morris Water Maze Task

21 Jan

[Conference poster by Daniel Barry and Sean Commins.]